About me



"Through my art I can speak more intricate and profound

than through the word"

I am Victoria Herrera an Uruguayan photographer, digital artist and collagist based in Barcelona. To locate better, Uruguay is a small and lovely country of South America, with many places that had been the cradle of my inspiration and the beginning of my artistic career. I started studying cinema in the Uruguayan Film School (ECU) in 2000.

There is an eye unseen, an inside eye, with and by which truth is revealed.
There is a ludic lucidity in this truth I try to capture, a reality of appearence which appears hidden within the lighter colours and subjects, but surfaces from the deep towards the depth of our knowing of the world.
There is a japanese name for the beauty of imperfection: Wabi-Sabi, and sometimes we mistake this, our eye and our heart equally distorted, for the ugly, the painful and the worthless. The inmense and piercing sadness is in the authentic choked with plastic, and the authentic speaks strong through it, with it, eloquent of an infinite beauty in the impermanent, the decadent, the broken. In the perfect, the circular, the finished, there is the promise of its very lie, its shadow, its rust, its decay and its death. And this is nature, this is harmony, this is life, asymmetric.
It is this promise of impermanence i want to illuminate, which is the truest beauty the eye can see.